Advantages of Under Desk Treadmill Over Standard Treadmill

Advantages of Under Desk Treadmill Over Standard Treadmill

We know under desk treadmills as the ones we can conceal beneath a workstation. These treadmills make it possible for employees to get some exercise without interrupting their productivity.

The under desk treadmill is gaining popularity among those who sit at desks all day. They are an excellent kind of physical activity that can also improve one's concentration and output at the office.

Treadmills that fit under a desk come in various sizes, so it's essential to take precise measurements of the space under your desk before making a purchase.

As a bonus, several models of treadmills include built-in desks, making it easy to multitask as you run. It has the following benefits.

The Top Advantages of Under Desk Treadmill

Advantage#1: Improves Mood and Reduces Stress

Regular exercise improves mood and reduces stress by stimulating the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are naturally occurring chemicals in the body that have an excellent emotional and pain-relieving effect, much like opiates.

Exercising helps you physically and mentally by providing a welcome distraction and bringing you closer to your fitness and health goals.

Advantage#2: Increases Productivity

Walking on a treadmill throughout the workday has increased productivity, according to a study undertaken by the University of Minnesota (UMN) and published in Obesity.

After a short period of adjustment, they found that those whose jobs required them to use a treadmill workstation for a whole year did not see a drop in productivity.

The study concluded that employees' health and productivity rose as a result. Employees reported increased work quality, mental performance, and time management after participating in physical activity.

Advantage#3: Promotes a Healthy Body Weight

Walking, like other forms of exercise, helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate. Walking costs energy, so it still allows you to burn calories, even if it's not as many as you'd get from jogging or biking.

Increasing the intensity of your workout, walking up an incline, or walking for more extended periods will all result in more significant caloric expenditure and hence aid in weight loss.

However, when first beginning to use a walking workstation, it is recommended that you take it easy and build up your walking speed and time spent walking over a couple of weeks.

Advantage#4: Increases Creativity

Research has demonstrated that physical activity boosts creative thinking. They were instructed to make the same difficulty while walking slowly and steadily on a treadmill.

As a result, they deduced that nearly every student showed considerable improvement. Subjects generated an average of 60% more uses for the object when walking than sitting.

Advantage#5: Build Muscles and Bone Density

Similar to jogging and walking, the repetitive impact of your feet on the ground strengthens and tones the muscles and bones in your feet, ankles, calves, and hips.

Eventually, this can lead to more significant power and bone density in certain spots. As a bonus, running on a treadmill and another regular exercise reduces the risk of osteoporosis and other age-related bone problems.


It's true what you've heard about sitting being the new smoking. Many health problems, including cardiovascular disease, Obesity, cancer, and premature death, have been linked to sitting for more than six hours a day.

A treadmill that fits beneath your desk is an excellent alternative if you want to get some cardiovascular exercise while at the office but don't have time to hit the gym after work. Here we conclude our article. For more informative articles, stay tuned!