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Best Projector with Bluetooth and WiFi

by Krystan

Vankyo Leisure 495W Dolby movie projector is a projector that supports Bluetooth and wifi connectivity options. Its features not only highlight its aesthetics but also its efficiency and its convenience. Let’s dive into the details of its features and a lot more.

In this article, we will see about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi projector, the features of Vankyo Leisure 495W, and how Vankyo is the best place for you to buy a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi projector.

Features Of Vankyo Leisure 495W

Now let’s look into an impressive list of its features which includes a crisp 1080p cinematic display, up to 220 inches display, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity, stunning design to enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal, and 125% brighter with the high color combination.

1. Crisp 1080p Cinematic Display

The Vankyo leisure 495w has the best 1080p display with cinematic level picture clarity in its segment; it outperforms every other projector. The Vankyo leisure offers a brighter image of 125% 1000:1 contrast ratio which gives out a real show of colors and movies, this bright screen also comes with an eco fronds eye care protector which protects eyes from bright lights and prevents any damage while watching for long hours, soft light which provides a soothing effect to the eyes with reduced Blue light.

The crisp 1080p image also comes with an adjustable lens which offers the user control of the image quality; it can also run a 4k movie at the highest pixel rate which is one amazing feature that Vankyo leisure 495w projector has.

2. Up To 220 Inches Display

Don’t you think watching your favorite movies and favorite TV shows on a large screen would take your overall experience to another level altogether? The Vankyo leisure 495w projector has a 220 inches display that is guaranteed to provide you with a home theater experience that will serve as a great feeling while watching your favorite shows.

3. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Vankyo leisure 495w projector supports 5G band Wi-Fi that helps in uninterrupted streaming of TV series shows from the OTT platform, it also supports screen mirroring and other sharing options which can be accessed or paired with any device. The connections are pretty quick and stable. This projector also has Bluetooth 5.1 support that helps in seamless connectivity while pairing it with devices or playing games via console and it does not lag while playing games.

It also has other connectivity options such as 1 slot for HDMI cable, 2 USB interfaces, 1 AV port, and, 1 audio jack.  These don’t limit the options for the user if they run out of internet or Wi-Fi or any other issues, just plug in and play.

4. Stunning Design To Enhance The Room’s Aesthetic Appeal

The Vankyo leisure 495w projector would be a great addition to your room as its stunning design is guaranteed to enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal. It’s a black and white design which is compact and also lightweight is an adding factor

5. 125% Brighter With High Color Combination

The Vankyo leisure 495w projector displays rich colors and enhances its image quality which is 125% brighter. And this, in turn, brings in extraordinary dynamic contrast in its color and quality in a surprisingly interesting way as it displays accurate colors with high clarity and great brightness.


By the end of this article its’s safe to conclude that Vankyo Leisure 450W has awesome features, where Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are the most important ones. Being capable of connecting through Bluetooth means you don’t have to spend additional money on the cord purchases. Cordless connection achieved through Bluetooth also ensures hassle-free and untidy projector setup. So go ahead, buy this awesome projector by Vankyo today.

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