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Dangers of Using the Wrong Water Pressure for Power Washing

by Krystan

Choosing a pressure washer is more work than most people assume. You can not just go to the store and pick one as you would an apple. There are several factors to consider. One of the most critical elements to consider is the psi. A pressure washer PSI, known in full as Pressure per Square Inch, is the amount of water pressure coming from the nozzle. Using the wrong water pressure has its dangers, which we’ll discuss in this post.

The dangers of using the wrong water pressure when power washing

One of the most dangerous things you could do when using a pressure washer is use the wrong water pressure. You can tell the water pressure by checking the PSI rating. Normally, the higher the PSI rating, the more the water pressure. Below are some dangers that would arise from using the wrong water pressure;

Dangers of using too much pressure

  • The pressure could strip or lift off the paint from the surfaces you are cleaning. While one of the applications of pressure washers is removing paint from surfaces, in some cases, it may be a downside. This is especially the case when using a pressure washer to clean your car’s surface, fencing, and walls.
  • The pressure can damage wooden surfaces like fences, trimming, and decks. In addition, the high water pressure can cause the wood to chip. In worst cases, it can cause breakage.
  • Too much pressure can destroy the mortar between bricks when using a power washer to clean driveways and other brick or concrete surfaces. Repairing these damages can usually cost a lot of time and money.
  • The pressure can shatter your windows or home’s siding. Windows and home sidings are usually made from delicate materials that can shatter when hit with water at high pressure.
  • Too much pressure can also increase the risks of injuries. For instance, if you accidentally direct the nozzle towards your foot even when wearing shoes, the pressure could cause injuries.

Professionals recommend using pressure washers with 1300 to 3000 PSI for residential tasks to avoid the issues above.

Dangers of using very little water pressure

  • You risk not achieving the cleaning requirements. Very little pressure will not strip the targetted dirt from surfaces. Using such a water pressure is kin to using a garden hose.
  • Using a pressure washer with a low PSI will also cause you to spend too much time on the same task. This is because you will spend more time on one surface than when the pressure is high.


Other than the PSI rating on the pressure washer, other elements can influence the cleaning power. One of these elements is the type of nozzle. The nozzle is the component where the water comes out of the power washer. The size and type of nozzle will influence the pressure at which the water shoots out. The amount of water coming from the source will also influence the pressure. The more the water, the easier the washer can reach a high PSI, and vice versa.

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