How are playing cards made?

How are playing cards made?

In the modern world, there are many bigger teams and athletes that have made their mark. You may know about Lebron James, James Harden and Cristiano Ronaldo. But you may not know the players who have got success under the leadership of these names. Same is the case with the world of “Playing Cards”. Some people are familiar with players and companies that have conquered this game. But no one knows about WJPC custom printing company that makes these cards.

Let’s take a look at how you can make custom playing cards on your own.

· Design your cards!

First of all, you must find suitable designs and use a computer programme to choose one. You will find pre-drawn card templates in the PC. Just choose one from there or draw the one you like. You may Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for this purpose. Gimp is also a good alternative that has very much of the same structure.

You may also upload the images on computer in order to use them as templates. Try to make your images or download from various websites to see if they look good. Don’t copy from anyone’s design website. Just get an idea and make the design of your own. For example, it is not important to use pictures of king and queen on cards. You may choose someone from your family or friends and choose their pics. Make different cards of your own style and start playing with them.

· Design the back of playing cards also!

You have various options to design your cards. The first one is to leave the back of those playing cards blank. But this isn’t recommended in most cases. So, It is better to choose a generic pattern and fill all your cards with that. You may also search the designs for the back. Just choose something that may not look really attractive but looks simple. That’s what matters the most under such circumstances.

· Take a print of photos!

Now since you have designed everything, you need to convert it into something meaningful. That’s when the printer comes into play. Just take a print of the designs you have made and glue them on the back and front. Use scissors for trimming the corners around the cards. This is also a good option if you want to gift these cards to a friend or family member. Don’t just throw the pictures on these cards, choose specific ones and give them certain roles. That will help you while playing and you’ll be able to memorize which card has a certain role to play.

· Print Those Cards

It’s time to print all the cards you designed. That works well when you only have two colors, black and white. But you may also choose other colors such as pink and blue. This way, it will look like you have copied the casual design that most cards have. But it’s up to you decide which color will look the best.

The only important thing while making your cards is to design them. That may take a lot of time but you will end up having your own picture on the cards.