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Is it okay for cats to live in an outside cat house?

by Krystan

Cats are neither happy in an outside cat house, nor in an inside one. They just want to roam around the house all the time. So, as a homeowner and a cat owner, you must not restrict them to stay at a single place. But if you really want them to sit or sleep comfortably, just provide them with a packaging box. They will play with it all the time and when tired, they will sleep in them. However, you can’t identify whether the cat wants to be in a house or not.

Should you make an outside cat house or not?

As mentioned earlier, cats are quite unpredictable. They may make you feel like they are comfortable at home but they will not. That’s the reason why they take a lot of time to become a friend of you. However, if you buy a kitten at its early stage, you may adjust it anywhere. Consider it a pet and provide it with all the facilities. Only then, you can make it live in an outside cat house.

Mostly, people use outside cat houses for stray cats as their shelters. For example, if there is an eagle outside or the weather is severe, the cat may not stay outside at any cost. So, if there is a shelter, it will come to rescue itself. Stray cats also don’t want you to play with them because they just like to eat and take rest. However, if you own a pet, it will ask you to bring scratching toys for it. But it will live according to how you train it. So, it’s up to you to decide whether you want the cat to live in outside cat house or not.

How to Train your cat to live in an outside cat house?

You can’t force the animal to live at a certain place. They decide it themselves because it’s their nature. For example, if you own a Persian cat, it will sleep with you on bed, use your toilet and won’t eat anything except meat. But if a stray cat comes to your house daily, you can offer it boiled potato also to eat. In a similar way, a stray cat will prefer to live on the roof of your house. It lives there with its kittens and would only allow you to touch them if you feed them.

So, this basically depends on two things. One is their natural behavior which is different for different categories. The other thing is how you train them. So, if you train it well, it will surely start living in an outside cat house.


Since you have got an idea about how cats live, just make sure that you train them properly. That’s the only way for you to make them live in cat houses. Otherwise, you will only see them hiding in the boxes in your store room. This will also depend on how you feed them because for them, you are their god. So, decide and choose everything for your cats wisely.

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