Range Of Quest 2 Accessories ZyberVR Offers

Range Of Quest 2 Accessories ZyberVR Offers

Virtual reality is the new hype, and it is here to stay. Virtual reality, commonly known as VR, is a computer-generated simulation that mimics the natural universe, and users feel immersed in it. It is similar to the real world. However, it is artificial. In short, with VR, you can visit the entire world while sitting on your couch!

Currently, virtual reality is used for numerous purposes like education, games, combat training, etc. Although other categories are uncommon, VR games are widespread. Users navigate the simulation using dedicated devices like helmets or glasses.

The unprecedented demand for VR hardware opened the potential market for VR device manufacturers, specifically Quest 2 headsets. If you are looking for the best quest 2 accessories for the upcoming year, look at ZyberVR!

Best Quest 2 Accessories Every VR Gamer Must Have

The below-mentioned accessories are both the dream and need of every Quest 2 user. Note that these are the must-haves. If you are obsessed with Quest 2 collections, you can always purchase additional ones.

Charging Dock

Quest 2 headsets require electricity to function. So naturally, they would need a charger. Yes, the headset comes with a charger as well. But it will not be much convenient in all situations, especially if children are around. The ZyberVR’s charging dock is the best investment you can make as a Quest 2 owner.

It has magnetic attachments that firmly hold your headset in place and recharges it within 2 to 3 hours. Charging slots for controllers are also available. However, with controllers, you'll require more charging time.

Link Cable with LED Indicator

Connecting your VR headset to your computer is the doorway to entering the virtual world. However, unnecessary glitches ruin your experience, especially if your link cable can't keep up with the tremendous transmission rate! Here comes the link cable from ZyberVR.

Although numerous sellers sell link cables (USB cables), ZyberVR brings innovation. This cable is 16 feet long with nickel-plated USB-A and USB-C pins. Moreover, the cable offers an incredible VR streaming speed of 2000 Mbps.

Headset And Controller Desktop Stand

After its purchase, taking care of your Quest 2 headset is the second most important thing. Unfortunately, most users make the mistake of not investing in a stand for their headsets. Resultantly, their headset gets scratched, or the cables get damaged.

ZyberVR's desktop stand is designed according to the dimensions of Quest 2. The headset fits perfectly on the stand reducing the possibility of damage. Its rotatable handles can hold various controller models as well. The stand is made from high-quality ABS materials and lined with silicon to prevent scratches.

Carrying Case

Going to your friend to spend the night and want to take your VR headset with you? No user wants to leave their VR gear at home, especially if they bought them recently. Hence, a carrying case is necessary. Dedicated device-carrying cases are a worthy investment as they have the necessary padding and material strength to prevent device damage in case of accidents.

ZyberVR’s Quest 2 carrying case is made from mesh materials and offers shock and scratch protection. Moreover, it has a double zipper design that doubles its security. You can easily carry your VR headset anywhere without getting them scratched.

The Bottom Line

VR games require dedicated hardware, and nowadays, many sellers sell them. Although, you can purchase VR equipment from any seller. But some brands have made their name in the industry, and ZyberVR is one of them.

The company offers a lot of Quest 2 accessories at reasonable prices and good warranties. You can explore more accessories at their website. However, if you are looking for the necessary ones, the list lies above!