The genre of the book “The Ritual”

The genre of the book “The Ritual”

The ritual is a werewolf erotica romance novel that contains mature content and graphic language. Alpha vishous and ava are werewolves who live in a pack. They have a romantic relationship with each other. Their main goal is to become the luna of the pack. But in order to achieve that, ava has to fulfill some rituals that leave her in big trouble. She is left at the pardon of another pack of vicious werewolves. Apart from this, “the ritual” contains some mind-blowing steamy sex scenes that will leave you awestruck. It consists of 28 chapters that seduce the audience with their intense erotic and evocative scenes.

Chapter 1:

Ava is a young and beautiful 19 years old werewolf, who will turn 20 in the coming week. Everyone in the werewolf world is supposed to find their mate after turning 20. Vishous is 23 years old but he has not found his mate yet. So, he is using ava as his sex doll. It’s been a year since they are together and satisfying each other’s sexual needs. Chapter 1 describes an intense explicit scene in which ava is trying to seduce vishous by wearing red lingerie. She is sitting on the bed in a highly seductive posture showing all her curves. The top of the lingerie is barely covering the swells of her breasts. On seeing the vishous, she gets on her knees to give him a more clear view. It gets difficult for the vishous to stay away from her anymore. So, he approaches her and takes her breasts in his hands. Then, he sucks and licks her breasts to quench the thirst inside him. Ava knows exactly how to make him desperate for her touch. Vishous commands her to take off her lingerie. But ava decides to tease him a bit even though she knows that vishous doesn’t like to be teased. It takes a little teasing to turn vishous into a beast in a bed.  He gets on top of her sliding his length between her ass cheeks. Ava moans loudly unable to bear the intoxicating pleasure building inside her walls.

Chapter 2:

He smashes his lips on hers tasting the sweet nectar of her mouth. Then he moves his mouth down her face to her neck, finally reaching her breasts. He uses his tongue and teeth to pinch and suck the areola of her nipple. His skilled tongue is more than enough to drive ava insane. Then he fills her mouth with his hard length to keep her from moaning loudly. He starts rubbing her clitoris sending her to the valleys of intense pleasure. Ava struggles to moan with his cock stuffed inside her mouth. Vishous pulls away from her mouth and goes down on her. He uses his skilled tongue to pleasure the soft wet folds between her legs. But, he immediately stops as soon as ava starts approaching her climax. Instead, he slammed inside her with one harsh thrust. After a few minutes of fucking the brains out of her, he feels her walls clenching around his length. The next moment, they both come together feeling the heights of pleasure.


To further explore the fascinating sexual life of ava and alpha vishous, you can read the complete book “the rituals”.